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Update January 26th

This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (January 26th)

Agasverus Productions. Sisters Nina and Maria became unwilling witnesses to the activities of the mafia. Nina managed to remember the car number on which gangsters had escaped and she worries that she didn’t report this information to the police immediately.
After a day of shopping girls are showing the nightgowns they just bought. Nina shares her fears with her sister, but Maria tells to forget the incident. Nina wants to do so but she doesn’t know that the gangsters have tracked down them already. All this time a killer was hidden in the next room, who listened to their conversation.
The killer takes out a gun with a silencer and kills the sisters despite their beggings for mercy. Each sister receives three shots in the chest and one more control shot before the killer leaves their apartment.
Starring: Yasnara and Bella Belaya

Samples ACCIDENTAL WITNESS (shooting)


Victoria is executed by hanging
Starring: Victoria, Monica and Orsi

Samples DEATH AT DAWN (Hanging)


Full Script: The scene is a bondage model/damsel in distress peril video and photography shoot for a bondage and leg fetish website. The model (A) arrives wearing a short skirt/blouse (in the John Willie/Gwendolyn tradition) and stiletto heels (alternately a latex or leather outfit….I don’t know what costuming is available). The photographer explains that he will be tying her up and she will be posing in a variety of positions that highlight her “peril” but are focused on her legs. The guillotine is in the room, but currently covered up. I would like this filmed so that her legs are viewable in their entirety throughout the video.
He asks her to put her hair up, and he binds her upper body tightly…hands behind her back, ropes around her elbow etc. He then directs her to pose in a variety of scenes, showing her “terror” and featuring her legs…writhing to get of her bonds, etc. She is moving around the covered guillotine, even sitting on the plank, crossing her legs, and wondering what it is under the sheet…he defers these questions as he tells her he wants to record her actual “shock” when she sees what it is…
He gets a phone call and excuses himself, and her curiosity gets the better of her and she manages to get the cover off of the guillotine while he is out of the room. It is set up for a kneeling beheading. She is a little panicked at first, and asks him what it is all about when he returns….
He tells her he was hoping that she unveiled it as a camera has captured her shock. He assures her it is just a harmless prop and part of the scene. He tells her he would like to place her in it…she is unsure and resists, but he calms her and tells her it is just a prop. She tells him she is worried he’ll trick her or that it would accidently cut off her head, but reassures her.
He has her pose on the plank in all sorts of positions with her legs, then finally asks if she is ready to put her head in the lunette under the blade… she is nervous, but she says she trusts him. Slowly and cautiously, she kneels down and she stares at the machine.
She is reluctant at first, but you convince her, and over time she slides into the lunette and you pull the stocks down. She is nervous at first, but kind of excited by it once her neck is under the blade. She comments about how sharp it looked and how both scared and turned people must have been when faced with execution by the device. She asks how she might look without a head…you reassure her that although she would look great, that she needn’t worry about that…it is all safe.
She then muses about what it would be like to lose her head, how it is actually kind of a turn on to think about being a damsel in distress and having her head actually cut off, what you do with her once she was headless….and you both kind of laugh it off.
You tell her to act like she is really going to be beheaded and act afraid….in response, she “begs” you to save her head. After a little of this, you ask her to now act like she wants to be beheaded…she’s getting into it and starts “begging” you to behead her…you ask her to do it, again and again….she’s getting into it, overacting… finally say, “well, if you insist”…she realizes what you are going to do, cries “no” but you release the blade…
..Her body shudders, legs kick. The camera focuses on her headless body….you remove the leather basket….
Scene switches to an NBM scene with headless body on a chair, crossing her legs.
Starring: Amelia

Samples PHOTOGRAPHER GUILLOTINE AMELIA (guillotine, decap)


Update January 19th

This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (January 19th)

Briony is laying on the bed, topless, relaxing. I’m just above her and I caress her face and neck; she enjoys it, and lets me do it. Suddenly i wrap my hands around her neck and start to go stronger. She realizes something is wrong, and soon starts struggling, looking desperately into the camera, mixed with shots of her kicking legs and squirming feet… But there’s no hope for her, so we see her getting weaker and finally dying by strangling!
As soon as she’s gone I close her eyes and some time handling her head and playing with her face and hands. Her deadly expression is hot.
Video is shot with a GoPro on my chest. This is real POV and the clip has been shot in one go.
Starring: Briony

Samples BRIONY GOPRO STRANGLE (strangling)


VERY basic. Honour will pose with a sword and talk about finding it, and wondering what it would feel like to lose her head. She’ll talk about how her lips and her hair make her head a great choice for a decorative piece.
After that, it’ll cut to a shot of her head on the platter. At first she’s a bit surprised and lets out a gasp as she realizes that her head has actually been taken. She’ll be looking around and finally the person who took her head will interact with her. Playing with her face/lips and finally grabbing her by the hair as if to lift her up.
This part starts with some dead head handling, and then moves on to a living and talking head.
Starring: Honour

Samples LIVING HEAD ON A PLATE (decap)


Update January 12th

This weeks updates at AnnesDreams! (January 12th)

THE SETUP (shooting)
Victoria gets set up for a hit by Crista, then Crista falls victim to the mysterious Ildiko.
Starring: Victoria, Crista and Ildiko

Samples THE SETUP (shooting)


DEAD PONY (strangling)
Faye is a business lady that comes home from work. She takes shit from her boss Tracy all day, every day. To relieve her stress, when she comes home, she takes it out on her slave pony Chloe, who is patiently waiting for her mistress. Faye calls her Pony Tracy and she makes her walk, crawl and do humilating things. She makes her masturbate until Chloe cums and at the same time, she masturbates and they cum together. She then strangles Chloe until she unconscious. After this Faye is relived of stress and can have a nice evening.
Today, she comes home extra as her boss has been giving her a very bad day as usual. She goes through the same routine with her Pony Chloe. Only she is very angry and at the end, she goes too far and strangles her Pony dead.
When she realizes what she’s done……..she takes some poison an dies next to her beloved Pony Chloe.
Starring: Faya and Chloe Toy

Samples DEAD PONY (strangling)


The scene opens up with a condemned prisoner (P), a remorseless hired killer, sitting in a chair as she awaits her executioner (E). She is quite famous for seducing, then poisoning her victims. She is wearing a long, orange prison shirt but no pants (she is wearing panties or a thong). Her legs are bare and she is wearing high heel shoes.
Her upper body has straps around it and her hands are bound/strapped to her sides. She crosses her legs as she waits.
The executioner arrives and tells her it is now time for her execution.
The scene ends in an NBM scene, with the headless body wearing her heels and seated crossing her legs…we hear the thoughts of the executed killer, musing over the outcome of her execution and how she must now look without her head….
Starring: Olive

Samples LAVINIA GUILLOTINE TERMINATION (decap, guillotine)