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Update April 3rd

A MINUTE TOO LATE (Decap, Shooting)

Tina discovers that she is a minute too late as she tries to prevent Annica from executing Chrissy. But time is relative, and the one with the gun decides who is late and who is early.

Starring: Annica, Chrissy, Tina

Samples A MINUTE TOO LATE (Decap, Shooting)

PHOTO SHOOTER (Belly Shooting, Shooting)

Models wait for the Photographer in his home.
They stand on a heavy tarp.
The photog introduces fake gun. Tells One gal to shoot the other.
The acting seems bad to him so he shoots one for real in the belly.
The gal reacts realistic. The other model is not too bright.
She still thinks it’s fake until she is shot in the belly.
He takes photos of them gut shot and bleeding to death.
They die, one after the other.
He grabs a few more shots, then off to download them.
He feels he has great content.
Body pans follow.

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez

Samples PHOTO SHOOTER (Belly Shooting, Shooting)


A blonde lady has been strangled by someone who was looking for a locker key, just before she went out for a secret mission. Her dead body lays half naked on the floor, and the CSI agent starts to investigate. Flashes of the beautiful girl preparing herself, and flashes of her getting strangled and struggling for life mix together with the POV images of the dead body, as the detective investigates. The before, during and after moments mix together in a very erotic and artistic result, pretty unique in its genre.

Starring: Portia

Samples PORTIA STRANGLE NOIR (Strangling)

Update March 27th

AGENT SAFFY HEADSHOT (Headshot, Shooting)

Agent Saffy McKenna is sitting in front of her laptop, talking to her colleague (POV camera); they’re investigating a case, and the laptop is processing some information which will most certainly produce the name of the criminal. It will just take some minutes, and the partner agent sounds quite nervous.

Agent Saffy is pretty confident and actually doesn’t understand why he is so nervous, until the first results start to appear… She looks confused at the screen, barely has the time to look back at her colleague, and a bullet hits her in the middle of her forehead. She is instantly dead.

Caught, her partner agent stands up, picks up the dead body and drops it to the floor. then he leaves, taking the laptop with him.

Starring: Saffy

Samples AGENT SAFFY HEADSHOT (Headshot, Shooting)

MY OWN MEAT (Throat slice, Necro)

Belle has a friend in from the city to visit, before they do the facials they planned on each other, Belle asks her to help grab some Winter Squash from the Greenhouse, left over from last season. She also shows her around her little farm, explaining that she has really fell in love with raising her own food, and handling every aspect. This is very intriguing to Willow, so she asks more questions, and Belle explains. Before long they are back inside, in the kitchen, next to the cutting board, a large knife and small axe on a large cutting board. Willow is a bit excited by all the talk of food and slaughter, so she asks for a demonstration, and sure enough Belle obliges her by getting Willow undressed, binding her like an animal, and then slitting her throat after some knife play, kissing, fondling, and discussion of Willow as being the dinner. After she is tied and ready, she holds her by her hair over the sink and lets the blood gush from her neck with one quick, deep cut. The blood is easy clean up, being that most of it went into the sink. Willow twitches and her eyes go wide as she dies from loss of blood. Belle let’s the animal down to the floor where she checks her out for a second then exits to get something to clean the carcass. Thanks for joining us for dinner Willow!

Starring: Willow Brooks, Belle

Samples MY OWN MEAT (Throat slice, Necro)


Gaby and Cintia drag Orsi into the living room where they strip ors and then force her to sit on a chair. Gaby then takes a bag and puts it over Orsi her head while Cintia hold her down. Orsi fights for her life while the two bad bitches suffocate her.

Starring: Cintia, Gaby, Orsi

Samples BAGGING ORSI (Bagging)

Updates March 20th

SMOTHERED LOVER (Smothering, Shooting)

Chrissy overdoes it while snorting cocaine off of Gaby’s naked belly. In a fit of rage, Chrissy smothers her then suffers Edina’s cold revenge when Edina put a .45 slug in her navel.

Starring: Chrissy, Gaby, Edina

Samples SMOTHERED LOVER (Smothering, Shooting)

THE GYM CREEP (Neck snap)

Dressed in lycra pants and sporty outfit, Tasha comes home after a gym session; she has a brief phone call with a friend and tells her about a guy at the gym who looked like a creep and pointed her. Then she closes the call and starts to stretch; the body activity slowly gets her excited, so she soon finds herself on the couch, rubbing herself through the lycra pants.
In the middle of the excitement, she doesn’t notice the creep has sneaked in, and jumps at her chloroforming her; alone with her limp body, he starts handling and groping her, ragdolling, posing and stripping her.

After a while he sits her body on the floor, and he stays behind her, holding her head, waiting for her to come back to consciousness. She slowly comes to, and, before she can clearly realize what’s going on and react, he snaps her neck!

Before leaving, he poses the dead body open legged on the couch.

Starring: Tasha

Samples THE GYM CREEP (Neck snap)


Petra and Sammie are done with their job as hit woman and are chilling in their hotel room. Just as they plan to hit the town together they get a visit from room service. But as soon as the visitor enters he shoots both the girls.

Starring: Petra, Sammie

Samples KILLING TWO KILLERS (Shooting)

LILITH’S DREAM SLAUGHTER (Throat slice, Necro)

Lilith is dreaming of some role play with her hot girlfriend Willow. As she squirms around getting hotter and hotter, even touching herself as the pictures of the dream pop into her head. When she wakes up, she is wet and hot, needing a shower. Her girl is already there and so is the props for the slaughter role play. They make out, and lilith takes over and slaughters Willow, slicing her throat deep and letting her bleed out. After she is dead, Lilith checks her body while Willow is being viewed.

Starring: Lilith, Willow

Samples LILITH’S DREAM SLAUGHTER (Throat slice, Necro)

Update March 13th

CAN YOU HELP ME (Shooting, Hanging)

Gaby has been taken into the police facility, but when Edina tries to help her, Chrissy lies to her about the arrest. Lying to Edina was a fatal mistake, but it was too late to save poor Gaby.

Starring: Chrissy, Edina, Gaby

Samples CAN YOU HELP ME (Shooting, Hanging)

LIMP PLAY INTRUDER 1 (Intruder, Choking, Strangling, High heels, foot fetish)

Coco comes home from a night out drinking with the girls. She still looks hot and is in tight jeans, tight top tied to show midriff section, and rolled up jeans make way for the lace up high heels, very showy and strappy. She gets out of her car and stumbles towards the door, ready to clean up and get some grub in her, maybe even hair of the dog. As she is pulling in unbeknown to her is an intruder climbing through a window that was left open. He has a baseball bat covered in black electrical tape. He is there to burglarize her stuff. He makes it to her bedroom as she comes in the front door and sits on the couch, starting to untie one of the tall lace up high heels. She doesn’t notice the burglar sneaking up to her with the bat and coming down hard smacking her in the head and sending her face first to the floor hard. She is out cold. He goes to work dropping her limp arms, removing her sweater to see her smooth skin. He lets her body drop to the floor. He lifts her body up by the arms and lets her body drop to the floor, several times, to the right side, to the left side. He takes his time rolling her over, dragging her around the room, dropping her limbs and if the untied shoe comes off, he replaces it and tightens it down, but doesn’t mind if it slides off, he will just get to play with her feet. He is foot obsessed and loves her limp body he continues to rag doll, drag, and flop all over the living room. He drags her around a few times on her belly and her back then flops her down and checks her eyes to see how she is doing. After having a bit of fun he scoops her up and holds her with her back to him, feet off the ground so the shoe falls off when he swings her around swaying back and forth so the feet hand down. He then walks with her body against him to her bedroom and tosses her on to the bed, one of her shoes that was untied falls off in the living room but he then rag dolls and rolls her around, checking her feet and shoe, then tightening the shoe up again so it is straight. He caresses her feet and her face, her body he likes her perfect figure in the tight jeans. One shoe on one off. He sits her up on her knees and flops her to the bed, checking her limp wrists, pulling her up then letting her down to the bed. After having fun with her, he knows he needs to get back to his job which is being a burglar. He leaves her on the bed knowing that she will get up soon and be disoriented and he would love to be done and gone by then to avoid any accidents. He goes to the living room and starts to look for loot to pilfer. After a minute she starts to stir, as her body is being panned, she is in pain with a lump on her head, disoriented, not knowing what hit her. She gets up slowly and slides off the bed with one shoe on, disoriented. She hobbles to the living room and when she hears a noise and looks up, it is the intruder and he gets to her quickly as she turns to go to the bedroom to flee, but he is right behind her with a choke hold and she tries to grip the door casing but to no avail. He pulls her back as she fights, even getting her feet off the ground. He takes her back to the couch where she falls in his lap. She fights but passes out again from lack of oxygen. After he knows she is out he flops her on to the floor like trash. He grabs her shoe that is off and on the floor and replaces it, lacing it up and tying her ankles together with the straps of the shoes, so if she gets up again she can not run. He drops her limp, tied legs and feet to the floor a few times, then grabs her by her arms dragging her into her bedroom again. He looks up and notices she has posted on her dry erase board, “Girl’s Hot Yoga” at 6pm, so he has an idea to keep her from thinking it was more than a bad dream after she hit her head.

Starring: Coco

Samples LIMP PLAY INTRUDER 1 (Intruder, Choking, Strangling, High heels, foot fetish)

SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP (Chloroform, Strangling, Shooting)

Caroline P is a US agent and Lauren is UK agent. They meet on a joint assignment. Caroline says she’s agent C from CIA. Lauren says she’s agent L from MI6.
Caroline P the experienced spy talks about “special relationship” between them. Lauren the inexperienced spy asks what is it.C says she will show her.

C takes a rag and chloroforms L (good chloro scene)

C then rag dolls L, slowly stripping her clothes until is naked expect stockings. C then does some foot worship on the out cold L. Lots of foot play, body play, breast shots and good shots of the two.

Then C gets a call, it’s from KGB. C is a double agent. She is told to kill Agent L
C then takes a stocking from L and gets behind her just a L wakes up. She asks whats going on, but C attacks and strangles her to death.
Once L is dead, she falls limp with eyes open death stare.

Next, C is turned on by L’s hot dead body, so she strips off her own clothes to stockings and starts to play with L dead feet……….and checkout her body…………Imagine L does not want things to get too explicit, so this part can be mild……C gets excited……she doesn’t see a sniper is pointing at her… So, while worshipping Lauren’s dead feet, she gets a bullet in her head! falls back (legs open / eyes open) and we have good body pans of the two…………as you know I like them……

Starring: Caroline, Lauren

Samples DUNGEON AT STARFIRE CASTLE (Strangling, Bondage)