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Update January 15th

TURN ABOUT (Shooting)

Gabriella and Gaby have accosted Natalie and plan to rob her and kill her. Gabriella instructs Gaby to “take care of” Natalie while she searches the place. When Gabriella leaves, Natalie turns the tables on Gaby and puts a bullet in her head. When Gabriella rushes back she realizes that the day is taking a turn she didn’t expect. Natalie forces Gabriella to remove her blouse then lets her have it TK style a bit below her belly button. Gabriella learns that a taste of her own medicine can be painfully fatal.

Starring: Gabriella, Gaby, Natalie

Samples TURN ABOUT (Shooting)

FALL OF THE GUARDS 6 (Knocked out, Sleepy, Necksnap)

Willow is a guard in Green House sector 2, she is paroling the hallways, and goes to adjust the heat on the fireplace. She bends over to turn up the heat, but when she looks in the reflection of the glossy black tile, it is too late. The Sentry is behind her, choking her out. She fights hard, trying to escape, even elbowing the Spy in her ribs, but the Sentry holds on till she is passed out. She drags the guard to the big wooden table, splays her out and starts to enjoy her sleepy body. The guard is responsive to her touches, at first faintly, then as time progresses and the Spy gets closer to her breasts, finally licking and sucking them, as well as kissing her neck. The guard responds with panting and breathing, and noises that sound like she is getting turned on. Belle Fatale Moves her to the couch, for more caressing, kissing of the breasts and tummy. Willow is getting closer to waking up, and when she stirs a bit too much, The Sentry moves up to her neck, playing with it, back and forth, until she breaks the guards neck on a swift turn(FROM TWO ANGLES) The guard immediately goes limp and responds no more. The spy plays with her dead body, rolling her over onto her tummy and raising her ass in the air, her satin G-string reveals the silhouette of a perfect ass and pussy. The Spy leaves to clear the hallway, then returns again to position her again so the she sees her face, and ass. More body views and pans follow.

Starring: Willow, Belle

Samples FALL OF THE GUARDS 6 (Knocked out, Sleepy, Necksnap)


The video starts in POV style with sexy escort Helen asking about the fetishes that she will explore with her customer. He says he’s into bondage and DID scenarios. At first she is a little reluctant but agrees to be tied up, later she is guided to another room where she finds a guillotine, this really excites her and she begs for him to use it on her. This is too real for the customer but after some initial doubts and a lot of teasing from her he gives in and chops her head off!
Later we see the body sitting on a chair, crossing and uncrossing the legs in NBM style

Starring: Andrea, Susanne

Samples DOMINATRIX BEHEADED (Decap, Guillotine)

Update January 8th

A SILENCED SHOWER (Shooting, Belly button shooting, Navel Shooting)

Belle and Stacie enjoy their shower together. Using soap on each other and having fun in the shower. Stacie broke up with Zachary a mob guy. Then a guy storms in and says “Zachary sends his regards” He shoots both girls with a silenced gun. The girls struggle for a while, they are both shot in their belly button and die slow. Lots of pans of the dead bodies laying in the shower.

Starring: Belle Fatale, Stacie Dees

Samples A SILENCED SHOWER (Shooting, Belly button shooting, Navel Shooting)

FALL OF THE GUARD 5 (Knocked out, Sleepy, Necksnap)

Oh wow, there is a second spy? Yes Caroline is sneaking through the Guard’s house when she sees a perfect specimen, Savannah, to dispose of, but not before enjoying Savannah’s body. She sneaks up and punches her in the head, then catches her, letting her ease to the ground. The Sentry then proceeds to kiss Savannah all over her body, stroking her sensually as Savannah responds softly, then a bit more as Caroline squeezes her nipples. The sunlight beams through to make Savannah’s hair look like golden silky threads. The Spy moves her around, rolling her over to check her backside. She checks her out, the whole time the guard responds. After a while, The Spy knows she must finish the job, so she cradles her head in her lap shifting it back and forth until, “snap”, and she swiftly breaks the neck. She checks for a pulse, then plays with her a bit more before she exits. Body pans and views of the hot dead guard follow.

Thanks these two are so pro!! What a delight!

Starring: Caroline Pierce, Savannah Costello

Samples FALL OF THE GUARD 5 (Knocked out, Sleepy, Necksnap)


Andrea and Susanne are walking through an old park when they come upon a noose hanging from a tree. With some prompting from Susanne, Andrea decides to put the noose around her neck while standing on a stool. She likes the way the noose feels until her psychopathic lover kicks the stool out from under and stands back and enjoys watching Andrea die.

Starring: Andrea, Susanne

Samples I JUST LOVED YOU (Hanging)


Super sexy Briony has a teasing time playing with the guillotine; she poses on it as someone is taking sexy footage out of it. She’s probably a model working for some kind of bizarre erotic horror work. it’s a long tease, she shows off her sexy legs (the legs!) and super high heels, and lays herself down on the plank facing up and down. She smiles all the time. In the very end of the clip, she probably thinks the shoot is over, and she asks “you got everything, yeah?”. Guess what happens?

Starring: Briony

Samples SEXY GUILLOTINE – BRIONY (Guillotine)