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Update March 5th

TOO EARLY AT HOME (Shooting, Breast shooting, Belly shooting)

Cloe comes home early only to discover that her girlfriend, Julie, is playing house with someone new, Gabriella. Without thinking about the consequences, Chloe shoots Julie in the kitchen then moves on to the bathroom where Gabriella is preparing to take a shower. Poor Gabriella get 5 or 6 bullets before sinking into the oblivion of death. Only then does Chloe realize what she has done.

Starring: Cloe, Julie, Gabriella

Samples TOO EARLY AT HOME (Shooting, Breast shooting, Belly shooting)

AN AGENT’S VISION (Strangling, Postmortem)

A special agent is on a mission to gather intelligence on a drive somewhere at the location. She confirms with her director that she is at the right place, she heads inside wearing her black skirt, white button down shirt, and sheer tan pantyhose with high heel pumps. She steps down from the truck and walks slowly to the door, looking around for anything peculiar. She draws her pistol and goes inside, looking around, quietly searching for the drive. She looks around digging through stuff when she gets a strange sensation, she spins to see a vision of her being strangled to death by a counter agent. She drifts into the vision, seeing the whole thing play out, even seeing drool coming out of her own mouth, and end in her demise. After she sees the strangle and death, when the counter agent kicks her she snaps out of the daydream, noticing she is still wearing the heels instead of the knee high leather boots. She looks around cautiously as she snaps out of it. She goes to where she saw herself being killed and gets a feel for it, feeling a strange sensation, when she sets her gun down and looks across the room. She stands up to investigate and when she turns a female spy is there with a cord to strangle her to death. Agent Hannah uses her training and skills to flip the script and throttle the counter agent. She jumps on top of her and throttles her hard. This time the agent is wearing the boots she saw herself killed in, it is eerie but she pays no mind, only handles the strangle well as the counter agent fights, claws and chokes to try and get away. The counter agent reaches for the gun but the Agent continues to use her tiny frame to keep the counter agent at bay. After a hard struggle, the counter agent spasms and jerks as some drool comes out from the corner of her mouth. After the counter agent is dead, the agent catches her breath and pats down the counter agent. After a minute searching she finds a thumb drive in the counter’s boot, up against her pantyhose. She has what she was intended to get so she grabs her purse, gun and makes her way to the door. After she leaves the counter agent’s body is panned and viewed.

Starring: Hannah Perez, Sinn Sage

Samples AN AGENT’S VISION (Strangling, Postmortem)

STUDY SLAUGHTER (Bondage, Throat slice)

Two roommates explore the ritual slaughter, through the studies of Josie’s Biology class, things move quickly toward knife play, discussion, kissing, fondling, nudity, Josie being tied to the chair, more knife play and then they decide to go through with the slaughter. Belle takes her to the floor, kneels her down, pulls up Josie’s lovely hair and slices her throat from ear to ear, draining all of the blood onto the floor. Belle holds Josie’s head up the whole time, as she bleeds out, comforting her, then she lets her go to the floor, on her side, hands still bound from behind. Belle wipes the large blade then exits, but not before one last caress. Her sexy body is displayed on the floor with her sexy blue eyes, wide open. Body views follow. CB

Starring: Josie, Belle

Samples STUDY SLAUGHTER (Bondage, Throat slice)

Update February 26th

SLAUGHTER PARTY Samantha (Throat slice, postmortem, foot fetish)

Coco invites her lovely friends from out of town to join her in some ritualistic role play, having some fun tieing each other up and playing with sharp implements of slaughter. Coco explains how it is done and the ins and outs of ritualistic animal slaughter, plus she adds there will be plenty of foot fetish and getting naked with each other to make it even more fun. After they talk a bit, they start to play, sitting Samantha, who goes first in the chair, ready to be tied and sliced through her throat veins and arteries, and bleed out on to the plastic. They undress each other, making sure they are naked and part of the ritualistic animal slaughter. After playing with Samantha, they slice her throat all the way from ear to ear, holding her out of the blood as it drains on to the plastic. The other two gals are in awe as they watch the animal die and give herself to them as an offering. After the animal bleeds out, they untie her and set her back up in the chair so we can enjoy the death stare and lovely blood on the wound. What a beautiful animal to slaughter, Caroline and Coco get cleaned up for the next one which is Caroline, she is very excited about her time in the chair.

Starring: Caroline Pierce, Coco, and Samantha

Samples SLAUGHTER PARTY Samantha (Throat slice, postmortem, foot fetish)

MY HUSBAND OR DEATH (Catfight, Strangle)

Belle is very upset that a younger, hotter, woman has been fucking her husband behind her back, then leaving clues behind, including her cell phone number. She calls Coco and confronts her. Coco is aware and waiting, all dressed in Thigh high stockings, knee high lace up leather boots, lace panties, lace bra, and long black gloves to top it off. She is very confident bad ass bitch who is looking for exactly what Belle wants, which is a fight to the DEATH for her husband. After trash talking on the phone, and choosing weapons, Coco arrives, takes off her coat and starts in on Belle, telling her how old and unattractive she is, breaking her down. Belle is stupor-ed by how sexy Coco is and how much trash she talks. Coco throws her to the couch spanking her ass, removing her only article of clothing, underwear. She talks more trash as she pushes Belle around a bit. Belle grabs her pistol from the couch cushion, waving it recklessly towards Coco, who quickly goes for her and disarms her, and they fight back and forth, slapping, and puching, each girl getting the upper hand before getting smacked and slapped around. When Coco finally gets the upper hand she grabs Belle’s nipples, twisting them hard, belle is in agony. She twists her breasts hard for a while, throwing her down to the chair, many angles of the excruciating nipple twisting form the dominant, and sexy clad vixen Coco. Belle finally bucks her off and grabs the gun again, pointing and charging Coco that “she will shoot her”> Coco is calm, and takes a long, thin, black garotte from her boot, hiding it behind her as she approaches the shivering Belle. Before Belle can respond, Coco throws the cord around her neck and starts to strangle her hard. She is upright for a while, digging in, but she is bucked back to the sofa. She strangles Belle harder as she talks trash. Belle kicks and flails bucking harder each pull. Belle has an orgasm while she is being strangled, and Coco mocks her, “Is that some sort of weak orgasm?” Belle tries to point the gun at Coco but Coco digs the garotte deep into Belle’s neck forcing the gun to lower and her hand to quiver. She loses the gun and Coco takes her to her knees, on the floor, then to the ground, winding the cord around another time so she can call the hubby with her other hand. She is in totally control, and has defeated the older, weaker, wife. She tells the hubby that she has a nice surprise for him and to come home in 20 minutes. She hangs up right as Belle dies, closing her eyes, and a small trickle of light blood and saliva seep from the side of her mouth. Coco lifts the limp body and drags her to the sofa, posing her body, then Coco grabs a big red apple to stuff in Belle’s mouth, then coco grabs a cigarette, saying..”Honey, dinner is served” as she struts off camera…Belle is panned with her Red Delicious mouth.

Starring: Coco and Belle Fatale

Samples MY HUSBAND OR DEATH (Catfight, Strangle)

TWO NURSES (Necksnap, Bondage, Foot Fetish)

A local mob boss send a hit man to take care of his girlfriends. The girls are planning to have some fun together and they start kissing, undressing and then some foreplay. One of the girls thinks she hears something but her girlfriend tells her nobody is here. The hit man steps out and shoots one of the girls in her chest. Then he shoots the other girl. When both girls are down he shoots them both again to make sure they are dead. Finally we see pans of the girls dead bodies.

Starring: Taissia Shanti, Amrita Jasha

Samples TWO NURSES (Necksnap, Bondage, Foot Fetish)

I DRINK TO THEE (Shooting)

Crista’s lover has been killed in a gun battle and now she must honor the suicide pact she made with him. Her friend Ildiko knows about the pact and provides Crista with a poison after she informs Crista of the boyfriend’s death. Monica, Ildiko’s boss at the morgue, immediately recognizes that Crista was poisoned and that it was an assisted suicide. Furthermore, she realizes that the poison could only have come from one place and one particular person. Monica takes justice into her own hands and fires (on) her assistant. Life is messy at Anne’s Dreams.

Starring: Ildiko, Crista, Monica

Samples I DRINK TO THEE (Shooting)

Update February 19th

IN YOUR DREAMS (Decap, Guillotine)

Ildiko is going to perform her first solo execution in the morning. She disrobes, lays down on her bed and slips into a very unusual dream. Orsi appears and starts seducing Ildiko and in the dream, Orsi stabs Ildiko to death. Ildiko awakens unharmed and goes to work. She discovers that Orsi is the one she will execute and is surprised when Orsi tells her how much she enjoyed killing Ildiko. Ildiko responds that she is still alive, but is left a bit confused when Orsi reveals that she will continue to be in Ildiko’s dreams.

Starring: Ildiko, Orsi

Samples IN YOUR DREAMS (Decap, Guillotine)

HIT WOMAN’S LAST MISTAKE (Shooting, Headshot)

Ana and JD are finally home from work and unwinding for the day. They are both naked and like to talk about their day and have sex before the showers and food. They talk about their new neighbors and how they are strange, but Ana still wants to welcome them into the neighborhood. JD thinks that is nice but he wants to get laid so he tells her “let’s do it tomorrow, I want to do you now.” They start to roll around and kiss and she mounts him and starts to grind on him, rocking his world with her ass and hips. As they get into it and start to moan with pleasure, the two lose all sense of anything but fucking each other. They fail to notice the high heels pacing toward the room on the hardwood floor, measured with each step in precision and stealth. The all black skirt, lacy top, high heels, red lipstick and eyeliner, are the mark of a sexy hit woman. A beautiful gal that makes her money by taking out her targets she is assigned. This time she is given an address and apartment number with instructions to terminate whoever is inside. As she paces towards the room the sound of sex is a minor distraction, but does tickle her fancy a bit. Most assassins would make quick work of it, but Dani stops as she nears the bedroom door and peers inside, then moving back and biting her lip with a wicked smile. She wishes she was being fucked before and after her kills, but she has been all business lately trying to work her way up in the ranks, and cover a couple of mistakes she made when she was a rookie. As the two lovers get closer and closer to climax, she gets closer to turning the corner and putting jacketed hollow point slugs into their brains from her M190. Just as they finish and Ana is finishing her long orgasm, the sexy hit woman raises her pistol and draws back the hammer into position. The guy says “what the fu..” as he takes a slug to the brain and his head pops down on to the pillow, eyes open, immediately dead. As she raises her gun the gal mutters a few sounds trying to communicate but is also met with a shot to the middle of the forehead, blowing her back, still positioned on the dick, falling backwards. The hit woman smirks and trickles of blood leak from the victim’s heads, of course the focus is on the hot redhead, now with a nice trickle leaking from her head. The hit woman does her normal sweep, finding the woman’s purse and wallet to check ID and confirm the kill to get paid. Her face changes color when she reads the name of the ID as someone else than she was supposed to kill. She says “Not again..” and quickly makes a call to her boss as the blood slightly trickles from the victims heads. She explains to the voice on the other line that there must of been misinformation, but is stopped mid explanation and she replies, “I will stay here, sorry it won’t happen again.” As the sexy assassin sits and stares at her victim, caressing her sexy victim, she hears a sound and looks towards the door and makes a face that she does not want to be there. She stands up and it is her boss, in person. He asks her what happened and she said she came to number 6 apartment and there must have been a mistake. He just nods his head and says, “this is number 7.” He tells her he really likes her but it is too bad as he cocks his silenced pistol. He also notices she has no silencer and has no time to waste because she probably blew the cover with noise. She starts to plead but he whacks her one shot to the head, taking her out and her landing right on the other bodies. Blood leaks from her forehead as the boss wipes his gun and puts it in the sexy red head’s hand to look like it was a shootout. What a waste of time for him and what a sexy couple babes to have to die because of a mistake. Body pans of the sexy dead ladies and man that just happened to be there when the shootings happened.

Starring: Ana Molly, Dani

Samples HIT WOMAN’S LAST MISTAKE (Shooting, Headshot)

CARMEL HOGTIE NECKSNAP (Necksnap, Bondage, Foot Fetish)

Carmel is so tired that she falls asleep on the couch; she is suddenly waken up by a creep who assaults her (implied)
Scene fades back in showing Carmel naked, struggling in bondage tape; her wrists and ankles are tied up, and she is gagged. The creep comes in and starts to grope her feet; there’s little poor Carmel can do…
Then he connects her ankles and wrists in a hogtie, and pretty soon he snaps her neck

Starring: Carmel

Samples CARMEL HOGTIE NECKSNAP (Necksnap, Bondage, Foot Fetish)