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Update September 25th

DOUBLE ESCAPE (Shooting, Guillotine, Decap)

Condemned prisoner Orsi talks Gabriella (a guard) into helping her escape. In the guillotine room Claudia (the executioner) ends up being the one executed and Orsi’s promises to Gabriella turn deadly.

Starring: Orsi, Gabriella, Claudia

Samples DOUBLE ESCAPE (Shooting, Guillotine, Decap)

RELIEVE COCO’S DEBT (Chloroform, Strangle, Necro)

Two models are really trying to make ends meet by webcamming and modeling customs on the side. They start their normal show but it is a ghost town, so they need options. As they fix each other up, and mess with the equipment they devise a plan for some quick cash, especially after Coco dropped the bomb on Belle that the camera she got was from a loan and that payment is due too. They decide to do a custom for a client and after confirming with the client of the fetish points and role play he wants them to do with each other on camera. The two set things up, Coco works on the camera while Belle grabs what they need, rope, a sharp long blade, and a stool which they already have in the room as a prop. Belle takes the lead and they get in front of the camera, Belle caressing Coco and starting to undress her slowly removing her sexy lingerie little by little so she can feel her lovely body simultaneously. After she gets her lingerie off she instructs Coco to remove her clothing for her. Coco slowly undresses Belle and the two naked sexy gals are together, Coco on the stool and Belle behind her. Belle caresses coco slowly lifting her hair to put it up. She takes a long red rope and ties Coco’s hands behind her back then runs the two ends of the rope through her ass cheeks and to each foot and the stool, her feet tied on both sides. Belle has her bound to the chair, Coco’s ass is back on the stool, Belle pulls her hair and arches her neck. She plays with Coco’s neck, and caresses her face and breasts, she takes her time and Coco responds, biting her lip and loving the sexy attention. Belle plays with Coco with her hands, then grabs the long curved blade to play with her neck a bit, then running it down her breasts and legs, then up to the neck. After lots of passes and kissing her ear as she runs the knife on her neck, Belle tells her to be calm and still. Belle does a couple of test runs before the blade is actually buried in the neck on the cut. This practice ensures a nice solid slice. It is still a custom role play session to Coco so when Belle actually pulls the razor sharp blade swiftly across the neck, it slices Coco hard and blood starts to pour out of her neck slice. She gags and gurgles as she is sliced from a few angles, then Belle holds her up while her tongue is out and her neck is losing blood. After a nice bit of twitches, choking and spasming, Coco is dead. Belle lays her on to the floor after getting her untied from the stool so she can get her to the floor. She gets her to the floor moving her head to see her face, caressing her after lifeless body and open eyed death stare. Coco is sexy with the throat sliced and perfect death stare. Belle plays with her body a bit kissing her and then exiting to get cleaned up. Coco had a problem with money and now there is one less mouth to feed.

Starring: Coco, Belle Fatale

Samples RELIEVE COCO’S DEBT (Chloroform, Strangle, Necro)


Hannah is doing some stretching at home, when a creep sneaks in and assaults her. There is a struggle, but finally he pins her on the couch and manages to snap her neck. She is instantly dead. The creep starts moving her limp floppy body around, groping her, undressing her, providing great shots of her feet, legs and genitals. Hannah always means quality!

Starring: Caroline, Edina, Monica

Samples GYM RAGDOLL NECKSNAP HANNAH (Necksnap, Limp play)

Update September 18th


I’m sitting in a room facing my sexy assistant: we discuss about a project we”ve been working at, which will make us rich, but we have to be careful to keep it secret as many competitor would be ready to kill for it.
My assistant transfers the important data from the laptop to a pendrive which she hangs at her necklace… That is the last thing I see, as unexpectedly I am hit in the head from behind and I lose consciousness.

When I wake up I am still there, on the floor; there is silence. Something has happened: I am horrified to find out my sexy assistant’s body is still sitting at the table, a bloody blank face, a bullet hole right in the middle of her forehead. The laptop has been stolen, that is why all this happened.
I check the body, and find out the necklace with pendrive is still there, so I take it with me: the criminals missed it and got an empty laptop. I lost my assistant but my business has not been fucked.

I should run away fast, but the sight of my assistant’s sexy body makes me pause; I never had the chance to put my hands on her, she has always been so strict on business… So I move forward, drag her body on the floor, where I begin to take the clothes off and expose her amazing juicy body.
I take my time, starting by playing with her feet, worshipping the juicy soles with her ass and legs in plain view… I go on for some time and I will eventually fuck her, but, as I”m messing around with her body like a stupid horny pig, I don”t realize the criminals came back to get what they forgot.

Starring: Denny



Caroline and Edina think they have Orsi drugged, but the cunning dark-haired assassin turns the tables on her captors.

Starring: Caroline, Edina

Samples DRUGGED ASSASSIN (Shooting)

THE MOVERS (Chloroform, Strangle, Necro)

A very sexy successful ballet dancer is moving into her new place, as she unloads her nice crystal and polishes it before adding it to the cabinet, soon the two movers are bringing in a few boxes from the truck to finish up the load. One guy distracts her while the other is busy soaking a chloroform rag behind her, as he approaches her he smiles deviously. She has no idea and he catches her off guard, she falls back with his on to the floor, her wide, blue eyes in panic as she tries to fight the chloro rag over her mouth and nose. She fights for a while but goes out with a long cross eyed stare and flutter until she is still and her eyes are closed. The two men have done this before together so they are not in a hurry to molest her, they want to take their sweet time and do it right. The both fondle her, caress her soft skin, they each take a foot and check out her heels, her sexy feet and strappy white heels. One removes a shoe while the other heads towards her body and legs, feeling her up through her sexy dress. Playing with her limp body and wrists, rag dolling her a bit lightly as they play with her. They admire her neck, stretching it out and gripping the tendons. They play with her smooth skin. As the neck is being worshiped, Rex is taking off the other heel, caressing her sexy feet and soles, as Doc plays with her neck and limp wrists. Rex plays with her mouth, pushing her lips up to see her teeth, opening her mouth, and trying to grab her tongue. He molds her face slightly. They take turns with each side, rolling her over, checking out her ass, massaging it and getting her dress hiked up slowly. They bet on a matching panty bra set and confirm it when they remove her dress, doing more limb play and hand drops, checking out her limp body, and thin, sexy, frame. The remove her bra, sitting her up and rag dolling her limp body. The panties slowly come off and confirm she also has matching natural tits and nice bush. This could only get better for the two blue collar killers. They both check out her sexy tits feeling her up, pinching her nipples. As they start to get pretty heavy, she starts to stir, just a little open eyes not knowing what is going on, then disorientation, then she finally realizes what is going on when it is too late, her eyes go wide and bug out as she realizes Rex has a long thin cord wrapped around her sexy neck. He bears down and she gains momentum and goes wild. In a panic her eyes bug out and she flails her long sexy legs and arms, bucking her hips and grabbing at the cord that is digging into her sexy thin, muscular neck. He beautiful lips pout as her tongue protrudes, and she gags and chokes from the strangle, she flips over, trying to crawl towards the door, but to no avail, Rex just stands his ground, making her pull tight on herself. Her face is red, the sexy blue eyes are becoming bloodshot and she is on her way to panic land. She fights but he wrangles her in good as Doc watches the view from both angles. Rex tugs at the cord, while the model struggles hard, fighting with her might, bucking her ass high sticking her pussy up in the air, and flexing her tight ballerina muscles, and pointing her toes like she is standing on the tips. As she winds down you can see that she is losing the battle, her eyes go from determined to hopless, but she still fights, just with less and less energy each second. She twitches and flails, and does a long death rattle, until she is dead still, except for a couple postmortem twitches. He goes to get a blanket while Doc is smoking a cigar out back to calm down her dogs.

Her body is panned and viewed, her lovely death stare is so sexy as she lies there still, her long thin, sexy body is panned. They decide to come back inside and dispose of her. They have to hide her in a blanket to get her into the truck so they spread the blanket out on the floor, roll her onto it and roll her again into the center. They cover her up, except for her sexy feet hanging out, and drag her out of the room off screen.

Starring: Saraliz

Samples THE MOVERS (Chloroform, Strangle, Necro)

Update September 11th

I GOT IT (Shooting)

Adriana breaks into Susanne’s apartment while Susanne is preparing her bath. Adriana finds the disk she is looking for then surprises Susanne. Susanne tries to back away, but there is no place to go. Adriana cuts loose with a burst from her Uzi and Susanne sinks into a tub full of bloody water. Her blood of course.

Starring: Adriana, Susanne

Samples I GOT IT (Shooting)


My name is Tracy. Ever since I was a young girl, I knew that I had a destiny to the devil. And tonight, I would fulfill this destiny. To sit by his side, I had to show him that I was worthy. I had to take a soul for him. Her name was Ammalia. No-one I knew, just a young woman I picked out at random. I followed her for several days. I would often see her walking in town. She was completely unaware that anyone was watching her. She seemed so innocent and sweet as she walked from work or to the shops. She was perfect! I learned her routine, making a note of all the places she visited and keeping an eye on all the people that she interacted with. Sometimes she did seem to feel that someone was watching her. But, she never noticed me. Why would she, I was just another face in the crowd. And, they would never suspect another woman! Ammalia was a happy and bubbly person. An innocent soul, just as the master would like. She would be perfect. I found out that Ammalia was going to a party at night. Gaining access to her house was easy for me. The foolish woman didn’t lock her door. A habit that would cost her life. I knew that she was upstairs getting ready for the party. She was so excited, but she would never make it to that party. She was unaware of my presence in the house. She lived alone as we would not be disturbed. I knew that I would have her all to myself. I locked the door behind me. I took the knife from the kitchen. She would die with her own blade. I was silent and determined. She didn’t hear me approach. I crept up slowly and watched her for while. Then I moved forward to end her life and fulfill my destiny… I looked down at Ammalia’s bloody corpse laying in the bathtub. I had stripped her naked, just as he had ordered. Her dead eyes stared at me. I waited in anticipation for him to come and reward me. Suddenly, I felt his presence… I felt a rush of excitement but then, I suddenly felt something around my throat… I couldn’t breath! I fought but the force was so strong. Ammalia’s looked blankly at me as my own life started to leave me… I couldn’t understand what was happening! Why was he taking me! The next day, the crime scene detective found my naked body next to Ammalia. At first sight it looked like a double murder. One woman stabbed to death the other strangled. Someone had even painted a pentangle on the stomach of one victim who was strangled. They used the blood of first victim. But, as the detective surveyed the scene, he could not figure how the killer had entered the house as the doors where locked from the inside. Also, there was no sign a garrote used to strangle second victim. Her clothes were also mysteriously nowhere to be found. He decided just to leave these facts out of his report and treat this as a simple double murder. As the detective left, Ammalia and I stared with our blank dead eyes. The devil had taken another two souls.

Starring: Tracy, Ammalia

Samples DOUBLE MURDER (Stabbing)

THE PROWLER (Strangle, Necro, Foot fetish)

Savannah is a night shift nurse, home after a long night, and she is in the bathtub washing herself, and her feet. As she gets out, dries off, and slips into her sleeping attire, and slippers, a man is prowling outside her home. He surveys to see if the coast is clear, then comes to the door, he then slides through an open window on the side, while Savannah peers through the bathroom window, commenting on the rainy weather, and the lazy day ahead. As she exits from the bathroom, the prowler quickly comes behind her and knocks her out from behind with a head punch. She goes down to the floor and he looks around at the room, making his mind up on what he is to do. In his bag he has ropes of different lengths, and a long, stretchy cloth. He puts her up onto the love seat sofa, with her legs dangling over the arm. He caresses her, checking her nice breasts, and feet. He ties one arm to a large tree that is in the room. He checks her out more as he ties her legs past the ankles, to a hook in the ceiling, with his long, stretchy cloth. He then works her feet, sucking her toes, licking her soles and ankles, making sure the cloth is in the right place. He moves slowly down her body to her pussy, legs, breasts, and then kissing her face and sucking on her earlobes. The prowler is excited but steady as she stirs, he is ready with his small rope in his hand to strangle her with so he can continue his affair. She wakes, a bit groggy, and when she sees him, her arms and feet tied, she starts to question, and then fear sets in. He puts the rope around her neck and she fights back hard. Her eyes widen and she tries to claw with her free hand, to no avail. He is too strong, and has been thinking about this for a while, as he stalked her. He buckles down and her feet make major expressions, curling and flaring her toes, as they are bound to the ceiling., and he is strangling her hard. He fights her as she tries to get out, but eventually weakens, and moves toward her fate. As she struggles less, and her legs and feet shutter, shake, and she points her toes, she dies, goes limp, and dead. He is in full swing so he removes the rope from her neck, kissing and making out with her body, then to her feet for more kissing and sucking before he takes her feet down from the cloth, and unties her wrist from the tree. He picks her up and carries her to her bedroom, where he tosses her on the bed and gets himself ready for the finale’, some good lovemaking to her sexy, warm, body. He kisses her all over, leaving his underwear on and pulling himself out of the front access. He pulls her legs and feet together, does her from the side, then legs over the shoulder to one side, then finishes inside her, he then caresses the lovely lady while he rests a bit, and has one more minute with her perfect feet, kissing them before he grabs his things and leaves. His day is complete and she is now a victim. Her body is panned and viewed with extra and extended foot views, and death stares.

Starring: Savannah

Samples THE PROWLER (Strangle, Necro, Foot fetish)