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Update July 3rd

ONE SHOT IS NOT ENOUGH (Shooting, Strangling)

After shooting Crista, Chrissy makes the fatal mistake of assuming Crista is dead.

Starring: Chrissy, Crista

Samples ONE SHOT IS NOT ENOUGH (Shooting, Strangling)

LIMP PLAY INTRUDER 2 (Choking, Foot fetish, Ragdolling, Neck snap)

After choking out the young lady he was burglarizing and dragging her into her room, he scoops her up and tosses her on to the bed. He moves her up on the bed so her feet are level. He unties the long thick laces so the legs and ankles come apart. He has an idea after seeing she has yoga at 6pm. He will undress her and fondle her, then re dress her in her yoga outfit so when she wakes up, she just thinks it is a bad dream and will go to yoga. Brilliant. He slowly undresses her, enjoying the nudity as he rolls her over and over, flopping her limbs. He rag dolls her a bit as he removes the clothing and then starts with the tight leggings, getting them over the soles of the feet. and then rolling her back over to get them on tight. He adjusts her then sits her up rag dolling her arms to get the camisole on her top and perfect breasts. He has seen her before and is why he wanted to burglarize her home, but he never imagined her being so perfect underneath the clothing. Her feet are just phenomenal and that was enough for him. Everything is a bonus now. He finds some black flip flop sandals and slides them awkwardly on to her feet. He lifts her up and carries her dangling body to the living area again and flops her on to the couch, but not before swinging her around so much her flip flops fall off. He throws her to the couch and grabs the flops and starts to replace them and as he moves her around they slide off. He keeps trying though and putting them back on after they fall off. He finally gets her into position on the couch so when she wakes up she will think it is yoga time, and “why do I have this headache?” He goes back to her bedroom to finish grabbing loot. After a couple minutes of rooting through her room he hears a noise. It is her stirring and saying, “I have to go to yoga.” moaning with her head lump from the billy club. She walks through the living room and he ducks into the bathroom in her bedroom. As she looks for her keys he comes up behind her again and gets her in a choke hold. He pulls her back up against the wall reefing hard on her neck and staring at her feet thrashing in the flip flops. He sees she is fighting way harder and is determined to get free so he goes harder and accidentally goes too hard, breaking her neck. As soon as the bone cracks her body stops all motion that isn’t controlled by gravity, arms going limp to her side and her head loose as a goose. He lets her slide down his body and on to the floor like a sack of sand. It surprises him and at first he is remorseful but in seconds distracted by her sexy limp body and feet. He gets her up on the bed again and rolls her around the bed again and again then smells her soles, licks her toes and caresses her feet against his hands, and face. He spends time loving her sexy soles, and painted toes. He looks at her and decides he needs more of her sexy nude body, now that she won’t wake up this time he knows he won’t get caught. He rolls her over on her stomach and pulls the leggings down to her knees, getting his face close to her ass and massaging her hard. He rolls her over and does the same with her top raising the top above her sexy breasts and squeezing them hard. He handles them roughly and enjoys her body for a while. He finally gets back to her feet and enjoys the feet before remembering he had to be back home soon or he will get in trouble. He leaves in a hurry with her half naked on the bed, eyes wide mouth slightly open. Her body is panned and viewed from a few angles and her soles and toes shown from a few others. What fun he had rag dolling and flopping her limp body around.

Starring: Coco

Samples LIMP PLAY INTRUDER 2 (Shooting, Breast Shooting)

CHLOE GUILLOTINED (Guillotine, Decap)

Chloe has been arrested and is brought in the execution room to have her head cut off by a shabby headsman; they are alone, there are no assistants and she absolutely doesn’t trust him. She asks why they are alone, what will they do with her head, and her body, and keeps being inquisitive, a true pain in the ass. She even insinuates that he might use her body after execution… On the other hand, the headsman sounds a bit hesitating and this causes her to doubt more. She keeps bothering even when she”s down in position, so the headsman cuts it short and lets the blade drop down: Chloe gets instantly beheaded and suddenly silence comes into the room. We can only hear the headless body”s spasms and see her ass bouncing, and this is far better than her annoying questions. Then the headsman comes closer: he holds her wrists up, raises her gown to expose her butts, and then moves down and takes one of her shoes off: he grabs her dead foot and starts fondling it, taking his time to inspect it and make his dirty plans. Looks like her predictions were true, but now she can no longer know about it or do anything to prevent this! He leaves, but he will get to the body later in the prison morgue, and spend some time with it doing exactly what she was afraid of…

Starring: Chloe

Samples CHLOE GUILLOTINED (Guillotine, Decap)

Update June 26th


Mom Alexia comes back home after bringing her son to the soccer fields; she makes herself comfortable on the couch, has a tea and reads a magazine while having some tea. In the meantime we get amazing foot views and closeups.
She gets a call from her best friend and they chat for a bit. She tells her about a creep dad who has been staring at her at the soccer fields, he seemed to be quite much into her legs. Then they arange to meet up later and she closes the call, getting back to her magazine.
Suddenly, someone sneaks behind her and chloroforms her; there is a struggle but finally she is gone; the guy approaches her limp body and starts performing some ragdolling. Some limp face play, arm and hands, legs and feet.
The scene fades out and opens up showing Alexia on the floor, tied up and gagged with tapes. She is still limp and the creep is worshipping her bare feet, having a good time with that. Slowly Alexia wakes up, and starts to panic and struggle; the guy keeps enjoying her feet for some time, then stands up and walks around her providing POV shots of her struggling in bondage.
At some point the gag comes off and Alexia is able to speak. “I know you, you’re the man from the soccer fields!”. At that point the creep has to strangle her to death using a stocking

Starring: Alexia

Samples MOM STRANGLE ALEXIA (Strangling)

DOUBLE DEADLY INVITE (Shooting, Breast Shooting)

Two sexy young gals are coming home after a gallery showing in the summer, when they get to Paige’s place Belle is helping a drunk Paige through the front door. Still smoking and holding a wine glass, Paige click clacks her Italian heels on the hardwood floor, in her sexy cocktail dress, as she makes it to her chair for another drag and a drink. Belle is obviously a non drinker, conservative type that is very concerned that her friend is too wasted and was just staring at boys, not the art, and it was very noticeable. Paige replies that some of the boys there were “works of art”, and that, “Oh by the way, I invited a guy from the internet over to have some wine and hang out.” Belle freaks, and explains the dangers and the rate of hot gals getting murdered. Paige scoffs, then smiles big as the knock at the door comes. She staggers to the door, her black Pradas clicking on the floor as she opens for him to enter. He is very clean cut, good looking and polite. Belle gets a little more comfy but is still reluctant to join the fun. The young man has his hands all over Paige and they hug and grope each other. Her sexy long, bare legs, in her cocktail dress and high heels makes the young man crazy. Belle in her conservative dress, and Mary Jane style black heels, hair neatly in a bun, acts very shy, but she is sexy and her body is perfect. She tries to have fun and relax, but when the man suggests they all go have some fun in bed, she tries to get up and leave. He pulls a gun, a pistol, and Belle flips out, starting to get scared. Paige acts excited, smiling, because she played with this guy online with a gun. Paige is super turned on as the guy stokes her with the gun, and then points at her friend, threatening her that she better take off the dress. Belle is shocked, but Paige still plays along. He then dry fires the gun at Belle, she loses it and starts to cry. Paige is sobering a bit, trying to figure it out. Is this a game, or a sick dude trying to kill some hotties? When he cocks the gun and fires again, with nothing, Belle is frazzled, but still gets her friend over to her. The guy is having fun, but since the girls aren’t he orders Paige to strip her sexy dress off. She complies, realizing what is going on she tells her friend sorry. Just as he spins Paige around and checks out her long legs, and ass in heels and a G-string, he wants more. he points at Belle shooting her in the BELLY BUTTON, she is shocked and immediately hits the floor sliding back. She clutches and looks down to see the blood trickling from her buttonhole. The guy has Paige in his arms, her hells click clack as she is backed into the front door. The guy kisses her on the lips, she returns the kiss, thinking she is in the clear when, POP, he shoots Paige point blank in the BUTTON HOLE, still holding her up so he can see her belly leak a little blood, and her long legs quiver from the pain and agony. He holds her up for a while, and as Belle shrieks in pain, the man lays Paige down on the floor beside her. He stands up and empties a cartridge into Belle’s BREAST through her heart, which makes her jolt off the ground, and then twitch, jerk, and die from the wound. A small bit of blood comes from her mouth, her friend is upset that she is dead, and also that herself, being belly shot is about to be, POW!! He shoots Paige in the breast, through the heart, she bucks, twitches, rolss a bit, and fades to nothing but dead, wide eyed stare, one buttet in each belly, and one in each gal’s left breast, and through the heart. Belle with mouth blood, and Paige without. The man holsters his gun and heads out the back door after a comment about how the internet rules for this. The two, sexy gals in high heels are left there dead, beautiful, and fully panned and viewed..

Starring: Paige Turner, Belle Fatale

Samples DOUBLE DEADLY INVITE (Shooting, Breast Shooting)

SLOW KILL (Strangling, Stabbing)

Sadie has lost a contract and is really depressed about that. The only way she can handle with her failure is to commit suicide. But as she is really troubled she wants to suffer before she dies. She puts the gun against her belly and pulls the trigger. Slowly you dies…

Starring: Sadie

Samples SLOW KILL (Strangling, Stabbing)

Update June 19th

MEXICO (Strangling)

Claudia wants to retire early, but Orsi tries to cut her pension benefits. When Gabriella enters the picture the dynamics take an interesting turn.

Starring: Claudia, Gabriella, Orsi

Samples MEXICO (Strangling)


Linda is on the phone with a dear friend: she looks quite upset, as she tells her that the issue about these unpaid parking tickets got huge, she got trial, and she has been condemned to death! Just two days time, and she will be beheaded! She is desperate, also because she has to pay the legal fees and execution expenses, but she has no money! She is worried her family will get into financial trouble because of her. But that”s not the end of the shocking news: a stranger named Gerry contacted her online, and offered himself up to cover all the expenses for her, but he wants something unusual in return: he wants access to her headless body after execution,  and spend some time with her headless body and play with her feet! She is supposed to accept or decline by today, and she is struggling with the decision. She asks her friend for advice… She explains she doesn’t like the idea: she hates that she can”t be in control once her head is off. The guy is a perfect stranger, he will get aroused and who knows what he will do with her body? On the other hand, that would solve all her financial problems so it”s tempting. After all, why not? She will be dead. Headless. Faceless. Senseless Unable to see him. Unable to feel him. Not there at all. What he does with her feet and body is not her business. Let him get her headless body. Let him enjoy and lick her soles. Let him get aroused, who cares? A moment with her headless body is the reward for having been kind and supportive. It”s pretty fair. He wants it, he will get it. She will say YES. She is going to record a video message to him where she says that. She should be kind to him as she now really appreciates She explains that she has been thinking a lot about that, as at first she thought it was a bit weird and inappropriate and she didn’t want to do it.But then she said to herself: … why not?? She acts very accommodating to me, telling me that she”s grateful for my financial help, and that she is totally fine about letting me spend some time with her headless body as a thank you.She wonders what I”m going to do with her feet… She hopes they will be able to please me well even if she won’t be able to help in any way, having no head… But she is sure that I know well what to do anyway!She exposes her feet to the camera as a teasing preview and says that these are the soles which will soon be in my mouth… “Do you like them?” “Will you lick them?” “What else are you going to do with these feet”? (Make a kind of foot worship teaser/JOI for me) And end with “Thank you Gerry, I am really grateful for your help. I am really glad to let you lick the feet of my headless body, you”re welcome doing that!” Scene fades back in showing the headless body on a slab, face down: you walk in, start to grope and worship her feet. After some time you take the white stockings out and put them on. You keep worshipping and finally sink your face between her soles.

Starring: Linda


IM SORRY (Shooting, Belly shooting)

Sadie has lost a contract and is really depressed about that. The only way she can handle with her failure is to commit suicide. But as she is really troubled she wants to suffer before she dies. She puts the gun against her belly and pulls the trigger. Slowly you dies…

Starring: Sadie

Samples IM SORRY (Shooting, Belly shooting)

LEZBO SLAUGHTER SARALIZ (Throat Cutting, Bondage)

Two super sexy, fit lesbians are meeting on their business trip in a hotel room. They love to role play, kiss, caress each other, and discuss how they have been, and what is on their mind. This trip Lexxi is really into ritual slaughter of animals and has some props to role play, including a straight razor, some cord, a stocking, and a brand new plastic tarp for the bed. As they undress each other, and remove shoes, they check each other out. Lexxi as the dominate ties up her animal on the bed for slaughter. She plays with her neck after putting her hair up in a bun. She plays with her neck and body, tempting the beautiful blonde before she slits her throat, sawing through a bit to to get some extra blood. She lets her animal die, then lays her on the bed, keeping her on the plastic so she doesn’t bleed all over. She goes to set her stuff down and unties her animals feet and hands, then seals the deal with a nice kiss and caress of her face before going to get cleaned up.

Starring: SaraLiz and Lexxi

Samples LEZBO SLAUGHTER SARALIZ (Throat Cutting, Bondage)