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Update December 4th

IT HAS TO BE REAL (Shooting)

Christine and Chrissy arrive at Sophie’s studio to shoot another fetish video for a special customer. Sophie appears to be out, but in reality, she’s filming the models as they wait for her. Chrissy goes into the bedroom and undresses. Christine soon follows and the two of them start messing around on the bed. Sophie has left 2 of the “prop” guns on the bed, and as the sexual tension between the two builds they start playing with the guns. In reality, the guns aren’t fakes and Christine accidently shoot Chrissy in the belly. She drops the gun horrified, but Chrissy isn’t going to die alone and both are mortally wounded. Sophie come out of hiding to answer Chrissy’s final question. “Why, Sophie?” And Sophie tells her, “This time, it has to be real.”

Starring: Christine, Chrissy, Sophie

Samples IT HAS TO BE REAL (Shooting)


Trisha is reading a book laying on her bed, when two hands appear, grab her neck and start strangling her, until she dies.

Starring: Trisha

Samples TRISHA STRANGLED (Strangling)


Belle is taking a shower before heading off to an appointment to look at an apartment. Her roommate is super psycho and keeps going through her things and when she wakes up the girl is peering through the crack of the door at her with only a flannel shirt on. She is tired of her awkwardness and wants out. As she takes off her clothes and gets in the warm shower, she has no clue that her psycho roommate is going to be on a whole another level. Belle doesn’t see that her psychotic roommate is tiptoeing across the floor towards the bathroom holding a sharp chefs knife, poised to stab her. She washes herself as the creepy roomie tiptoes barefoot on the wood floor. Belle is oblivious that she is in the bathroom now, Belle is so lost in the trance of her shower, and how it feels nice. When psycho bitch gets close enough and the knife is raised, she pulls back the curtain and starts to stab over and over again as the girl screams and tries to defend herself but the psycho bitch is completely lost her mind and is enjoying as she stabs the knife in her over and over, about 8 times until Belle looks at her in shock and she drops the knife. Belle is in awe and just breathes heavy and watches as the crazy bitch drops the flannel shirt on the floor and climbs in the tub with her, getting behind her and letting the bloody dying roommate Belle lay in her lap, floundering in the tub as she writhes from the pain and shock of multiple bleeding wounds. She twitches hard and her feet flex in the tub as she starts to die. Blood oozes from the black slits in her chest. She flexes and kicks her legs as she fights to stay alive, all the while being held by the psycho female that is obsessed with her to the point of killing her to have her way. As she dies her eyes go wide and her body limp. She is very limp as the roommate plays with her and then exits the tub. She washes the knife off in the sink as the dead bleeding Belle lays in the tub, still eyes wide. Never thought she was going to have to deal with a roommate like this, now she won’t have to worry any longer.

Starring: Belle Fatale and Ana Molly

Samples PSYCHO BITCH STAB (Stabbing)

Update November 27th


Cintia describes how she seduced Orsi then went to Orsi’s flat and strangled her.

Starring: Cintia, Orsi



Lisa Weston is a high powered attorney that is mixed up with the wrong business, and the wrong people. She is prosecuting a big time crime boss and has no clue that she is vulnerable, in fact she is on top of the world after getting convictions on all nine counts, and putting Detweiller away for good. When she returns to her fancy hotel suite, she decides to unwind and celebrate. Her hubby is on the phone and she explains how well she did and how they are taking her out for steaks at a fancy place at 8:00 sharp. She get’s out of her heels and suit jacket, and into a nice glass of Champagne. She also calls her favorite escort service to see if her sexy, loveable, favorite is working. Since she won big she wants to add a friend, so she orders her regular plus one. When the two call girls arrive, Lisa is happy and invites them in to play, not knowing that she has been marked for a hit. The two gals start the show, undressing each other, then doing a dance to warm up. savannah sips the bubbly and starts to get wet. She stands up and orders them to remove her clothing, then they all move to the bed for some hot lesbian sex, eventually making everyone cum, and then Stacie decides to finish herself off for a second nut. They fall into a steamy pile and take a nap. Lisa wakes up and sees it is 7:00 pm on the dot, she jumps out of bed, leaving the other two snuggling and snoozing. She puts on her robe and heads to the bathroom to get freshened up. The two girls are awake and cuddling, wondering what is taking so long. The hitman stealthily moves to the hall, seeing the mark of lipstick on the door, knowing that was Stacie’s color, and this was definitely the place. He lets himself in with a credit card and proceeds to the hotel suite bedroom. He looks into the bedroom and sees Stacie who points to the bathroom. He shrugs and wonders why there is another girl, she nods and says she is ok, so he sighs and turns to the door where Lisa is getting ready. The door opens and he ducks behind the wall, but she goes back in the bathroom forgetting something, so he approaches. When she looks up she sees him in the mirror. She freaks, dropping her robe, and her eyes widen as he explains why he is here, then opens a folding knife with a long sharp blade. He stuffs it into her belly, pulling upwards to make sure her guts are wrecked, and there is no return. He wrenches it around doing damage then pulls it out, leaving her on the white tile to bleed out. He quickly heads to the bedroom, pulling his silenced 45 caliber pistol, and aiming it. He tries to get info from the girls, asking the new girl for her ID. The girls try to seduce him but they know he is business, and think they have a chance to be free. The hitman makes a call, to Detweiller, giving her name, and explaining the situation. He nods his head and says, “Both of them?”, “OK Mr. Detweiller”, the new girl automatically pisses her jeans, which turn from blue to dark blue as the pee spreads through the denim. Stacie runs to the new girl using her as a shield, the hitman orders her to take her jeans off and she obliges, smiling that maybe he wants to get some instead of killing, but he explains that, “It is hard to get wet jeans off a dead girl.” This sends both girls into a panic and he fires the first round into the New Girl’s gut. She is stunned and stumbles back from the large caliber slug. The hitman follows them to the corner of the room, pulling the trigger and sending a hot lead chunk through both gals, he likes using the second and third bullet in the clip to not be hollow points, just in case he needs to kill two birds. This time the bullet goes right in between her belly button and sternum, striking hard and going through her, and into Stacie’s belly button. Both girls are hurting and moaning, but the new gal is in shock, shaking and trembling. He heads back to the bathroom, checking on the Lawyer, and sees she is still dying, so he finishes her off with two more slugs, both in each breast, she fights, gurgling blood, wrenching from pain, then dies. The hitman heads back into the bedroom, and finishes off the new girl with two more slugs right in her belly, and on the pantyline of her belly. Stacie begs him to be spared, saying she could make it with the one shot, and she is his favorite, well used to be. He shoots her in the fatty chunk of her belly, then right in the heart, she shutters then dies. The hitman follows orders, positioning them for a photo. He takes pics of the dead bodies just to send to the client. He exits as the clock reads 7:59, and when it turns to 8:00, there is a knock at the door, “Mrs. Weston, here to pick you up for dinner” knock, knock…Mrs. Weston…..Then it fades to body pans of the lovely dead gals, and the crime scene.

Starring: Anyanca, Savannah Costello, Stacie

Samples A LAST CELEBRATION (Shooting)

DODGY OPERATOR (Decap, Guillotine)

A girl dressed in casual clothes walks in to her appointment for being beheaded, as a result of the usual unpaid parking fine. She tells the operator that she should be on the waiting list for the day, so he checks and that’s true, so he can proceed doing her.
However, the girl is really curious and inquisitive, as a result of secretly being a control maniac. She needs to feel constantly in control, and this thing of being beheaded and losing control over her body drives her a bit nuts… So She can’t stop asking questions to the man, trying to figure out exactly what’s going to happen to her body after her head is cut, who exactly is going to handle it, whether there is CCTV in operation, or a very strict procedure which guarantees nothing wrong or dodgy can happen.
Unfortunately it’s the real world and the man doesn’t have answers for everything, so he tries to reassure the girl saying that things are fine and there is nothing creepy going on there, but he is just an operator and he’s not in the position to guarantee or take responsibility for every single thing happening there. He makes her understand that’s it’s ok for her to ask all these questions, but they really should proceed now. So he invites her to position herself on the guillotine.

But this is not enough for the control freak: she needs to keep her eyes on the blade, as she can’t stand the idea of turning her back to it and not knowing exactly what’s happening… So she asks to be beheaded face up. Agreed.
She lies on the guillotine as she keeps asking questions just to keep her mouth and brain busy. When she realizes she may actually got to the point that there is nothing left to do and it’s time for the blade to be dropped, she feels control is slipping away from her and stops the operator. She needs to be in control of the blade, or at least have the illusion that she still is in control, so she asks the operator to wait for her countdown before he releases it. He agrees, as this seems to be the last request she may have.

So the countdown starts. The girl pronounces the count loud and clear, hesitating as the end of it approaches. Ten, nine, eight, seven… The man is thinking how annoying she is. Six – She’s clearly wasting her time… Five – Oh FUCK IT! The man presses the button and the blade drops, beheading Dolly in the middle of the count, leaving her not even the time to realize something has slipped out of her control. The count is interrupted, the headless body spasms on the bascule, making her boobs visibly bounce on her chest at every spasm.

The man takes his time staring at the bouncing boobs, enjoying the silence of her headless state, the miserable failure of her sense of control. She was too much, understandable but too much, to the point that he wants to make fun of the situation. She almost asked for it with all her stupid questions. He pulls up the shirt exposing her boobs which are still occasionally shaking when the headless body spasms. He moves closer, sits on the bascule and grabs her ankles. He takes off her shoes and socks, and starts smelling her feet, licking her soles. That’s dodgy enough to make her worse nightmares come true, and he enjoys the fact that now not a complaint comes from her, the headless body is now silently accepting all he wants to do, just occasionally spasming randomly, making the exposed boobs bounce visibly on the girl’s chest.

Once he is done with her feet, he grabs her hands and inspects her rings and bracelets, and proceeds to take his freedom to plunder her. Still, she doesn’t have much to say or complain about anymore, as he rests his collection of jewellery between the headless body’s boobs.
Time to move on, and he will probably take more time with the headless body later, once his shift ends.

Starring: Dolly

Samples DODGY OPERATOR (Decap, Guillotine)

Update November 20th

BRAND NEW SPY (Shooting)

A brand new spy is on a mission to retrieve sensitive data. She doesn’t know she is Chris his mark. She hears someone coming while she tries to finish her work but it’s too late. She pulls her gun at Chris but she gets shot in ber belly. Then Chris shoots the spy two more times. He leaves her gun with a bullet in the chamber so she can finish the job herself. When Chris leaves the room she tries to shoot herself but it turns out the gun is empty…

Starring: Scarlet

Samples BRAND NEW SPY (Shooting)

OLIVE GUILLOTINED PART 3 (Guillotine, Decap)

Subversive Olive has made plans with others to boycott the new president elections, and save the country from ruin. She is aware she might get caught and executed, but she feels she has to do it: “If I don’t do this now, what’s gonna happen to ALL of us?”, she says. She has heart, she is brave, she is fighting for her ideas. She’s confident everything is going to be ok.
But it doesn’t.

We see captured Olive being forced in front of the prison camera, to get her mugshots – Front and side. She is angry, hard to handle. She has been caught…

That night, in the prison cell, she can’t sleep: she feels her neck, which she knows is going to be sliced in two the next day. She thinks about her situation, her fate, the fact that by taking her head off they are making her looking like the typical sheep person: no identity, no ideas, nothing at all.

On the next day, subversive Olive is forced onto the guillotine. She is angry, even harder to handle. She is brave, shows no sign of regretting… She still believes in her ideals, while the military guy would love to see her scared in tears – But, until the last moment, Olive doesn’t lose her dignity. The blade falls, and she loses her head.

We see the head actually rolling into the basket, and her headless body relaxing on the plank. Olive is no more, the military guy approaches the body and gives is a solid grope on her ass. For the first time, angry Olive is not protesting any longer.

Scene fades back in showing Olive’s headless body in a room, on a slab. The military guy is there, and proceeds undressing the body until it”s fully naked. It’s so strange to see the subversive like that, quiet and faceless after so much fighting… And it’s even stranger to see all is fine and legit when the military guy takes his cock out and begins to give himself a handjob using Olive’s hands. The subversive can’t say anything anymore, her physical shape is at the service of her enemy’s pleasure, who can do whatever he wants, always thinking how unique and valuable this person was, and how useless and anonymous is now…

Starring: Olive

Samples OLIVE GUILLOTINED PART 3 (Guillotine, Decap)


In this third episode we have 4 scenes in which 4 Lucy clones get terminated by agent Ammalia, who then performs a lot of limp play on the body with some focus on feet and foot views. Except for a strangling in the first scene, all the deaths occur by necksnap, and sometime multiple necksnaps are performed within the same scene.

Starring: Ammalia, Lucie

Samples NECKSNAPPED CLONES 3 (Necksnapping)

SPEEDERS (Shooting)

Caroline and Gabriella find themselves accused of speeding by Monica. Gabriella takes the bait, but Caroline knows the truth. The blonde hitwoman is taken out by a black haired beauty.

Starring: Caroline, Gabriella, Monica

Samples SPEEDERS (Shooting)